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At Florida Medical College, we make every effort to propose a different kind of education. Nothing makes us better-off than seeing our students graduate and find accomplishment in their chosen field, which is why we work determinedly to help you achieve your goals.  


Medical Assistant in Miami

Job Placement for Medical Assistant

As part of our College Program, job placement is one of our top priorities. Our community network includes Medical Spas, Dermatology Clinics, clinics, hospital, and different sites of the Healthcare Industry. The use of Electronic Medical Record  increase the demand of medical assistants in the healthcare field. On the other hand, our Medical Assistant Dermatology program certification gives our graduates the advantage of being multi-skilled with the flexibility to work in any healthcare unit and site such as Dermatology Clinics, Medical Spas, and Clinical Sites with concentration of research.

Our Graduates have the option to be prepare for work at:

Medical Assistant Dermatology certification job placement in Miami Florida

. – Family Practice office as Administrative Medical Assistant

. - Clinical and Physician Office as Clinical Medical Assistant

. – Clinical Site as Clinical Research Coordinator.

. – Dermatology Office as integral Medical Assistant

. - Laser Clinics as Certified Medical Assistant and Laser Tech

. – Medical Spa or Aesthetic practice as Medical Assistant dedicated to Esthetic.

. – Dialysis Centers.

Medical Assistant Dermatology

Medical Assistant might perform a variety of basic clinical preparations. Moreover if a medical assistant becomes a medical assistant dermatology may perform diverse procedures and assist Dermatology in the aesthetic practice and/or implement laser or any other light based procedures. In Florida to do laser hair removal is required an Electrologist license and Laser Certification. 

Job Placement for Medical Assistant Dermatology in Miami Florida


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