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Medical Assistant in Miami


Medical Assistant Esthetician course in Miami 

This program is for those people who wish to become Medical Assistants with the purpose of developing their activities in the field of the aesthetic medicine as Medical Assistant Esthetician. At the end of the course students will graduate as Medical Assistant, Skin Care Specialist and Body Wrapper specialist. Moreover, the student will be an Medical Assistant Esthetician with an academic degree of Associate in Science. This Medical Esthetic Training Program provides many opportunities to work and teach students the biological foundation of the skin and maintain the health of the skin by corrective cleansing methods, massage, lymphatic drainage and the use of aesthetic machine and cleansing device, and other the use of cosmetic and aesthetic procedures to reduce the effects of skin aging.

The demand for specialty personnel in the aesthetic practice is rising annually. Plastic Surgeon and Physicians practicing in the aesthetic practice are required to have a medical assistant prepared with training as a Esthetician.The demand for well-trained Medical Assistant in the medical aesthetic field has increased tremendously all over the world, in particular in practices that offer full-service medical practice with a variety of procedures. This program has been designed to develop students skills and knowledge that are necessary in medical care and aesthetic practice.

The Medical Assistant Esthetician course includes the educational requirements to obtain knowledge and skill to assist aesthetic physicians, surgeon and Nurse practitioners by the medical assistant in the medical aesthetic practice, in addition to receive an intensive skin care training that includes the advances of facial treatments and how to use the latest treatment protocols. If you want to become a specialized Medical Assistant in the aesthetic field and you want to obtain the license and certification needed by Florida Law, this course is for you.

Medical Assistant specialized to work in the aesthetic practice may work under direct and indirect supervision of the physician and perform specific duties suh as draw blood, operate equipment,  and other activities helping the practitioner such as to prepare and administer medication to the clients. The Medical Assistant Esthetician participates from direct and indirect manner in improving cosmetic appearance of the client through the treatment of conditions including scars, skin elasticity, wrinkles, moles, liver spots, excess fat, cellulite, unwanted hair, skin discoloration, and spider veins.

You may enroll anytime in the Medical Esthetician course at Florida Medical College if you have a High School Diploma or are a Foreing Medical Graduate without license in Florida or any State.  If you already have the certification and license as Facial Specialist, and you want to become a Medical Assistant Esthetician you need to enroll in the Medical Assistant Program and as well as the Intensive skin care course of 60 hours. In the case you are a Medical Assistant graduate and want to become a Medical Assistant Esthetician you are required to obtain the Diploma and license of Facial Specialist and pass satisfactory the advanced intensive skin care course. If you have both certification as Medical Assistant and Facial Specialist you only need to take the Advance Esthetic Course,  an intensive skin care course 60 hours that will concentrate about skin, the aging process, the therapeutic advance in the skin care treatment, the use of appropiate devices and other.


Become a Medical Assistant Dermatology in Miami

Medical Assistant Dermatology CertificationIf you are Medical Assistant and want to become a Medical Assistant Dermatology to work at a Dermatology Clinic,  Medical Spa or at any medical aesthetic practice Florida Medical College is offering Medical Assistant Dermatology Certification with this training course participants will  acquire the skill and knowledge to perform the procedures and all training needed in the dermatology practices.

The training to become a Medical Assistant Dermatology includes medical terminology for dermatology and esthetic, develop skills and use of medical instrumental, supplies, and equipment into the practices, and preparaing patients or clients for different procedures or laboratory test.

The curriculum of the Medical Assistant Dermatology certification includes the terminology and morphology of skin lesions, histology and physiology of the skin, chart documentation and electronical medical record and coding. Other classes like diagnosis tests for skin disorders and diseases of the skin, dermatology physical exam and pharmacology are included. Aesthetic Dermatology field is also discussing in this course because it is a commom procedure into the a medical spa or dermaesthetic practice.

Medical Assistant Dermatology Certification in Miami Florida


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