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Medical Assistant in Miami

Become a Medical Assistant Dermatology in Miami

Medical Assistant Dermatology CertificationIf you are Medical Assistant and want to become a Medical Assistant Dermatology to work at a Dermatology Clinic,  Medical Spa or at any medical aesthetic practice Florida Medical College is offering Medical Assistant Dermatology Certification with this training course participants will  acquire the skill and knowledge to perform the procedures and all training needed in the dermatology practices.

The training to become a Medical Assistant Dermatology includes medical terminology for dermatology and esthetic, develop skills and use of medical instrumental, supplies, and equipment into the practices, and preparaing patients or clients for different procedures or laboratory test.

The curriculum of the Medical Assistant Dermatology certification includes the terminology and morphology of skin lesions, histology and physiology of the skin, chart documentation and electronical medical record and coding. Other classes like diagnosis tests for skin disorders and diseases of the skin, dermatology physical exam and pharmacology are included. Aesthetic Dermatology field is also discussing in this course because it is a commom procedure into the a medical spa or dermaesthetic practice.

Medical Assistant Dermatology Certification in Miami Florida


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