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Medical Assistant in Miami

Medical Assistant Dermatology

Medical Assistant Dermatology Certification in Miami FloridaMedical Assistant Dermatology is a choice to those students with passion for patient care  with skin problem or dermatological condition. Medical Assistant in Dermatology practice may perform diverse tasks and may operate office medical equipment into the practice. But most of equipment requires certain knowledge and skill in the medical field and also the aesthetic practice.

Medical Assistant Dermatology demands knowledge and skill that is unique for this practice in order to evaluate the skin, and discussing dermatological conditions. The use of devices like Digital photography that is a powerful tool, which is transforming the specialty of dermatology by integrating patient and practice management, require training and knowledge. On the other hand several Dermatology clinics are offering laser treatments as part of their services. Medical Assistant Dermatology requires certain condition to perform laser procedures under medical supervision, where certification and license is obligatory in the State of Florida. Florida Medical College is offering courses to complement the requirements for Medical Assistant Dermatology in Miami. 

Medical Assistant may perform a variety of patient care procedures within the scope of practice, which may include injections, EKGs, ear lavage and blood draws, measuring patient vital signs (weight, height, blood pressure, pulse, respirations, and temperature), manage rooming and patient flow, including pre-visit preparation, assisting with the patient visit, and post-visit duties, informs provider of schedule changes that impact patient flow, may assist with front office activities and diverse scheduling tasks and reports test results as directed by the provider.

Medical Assistant Dermatology Certification include a job placement as part of our effort to help our student to find work. As many Dermatology clinics and Medical Spa recognize the quality of our graduated a hight rate of them are working. 


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