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At Florida Medical College, we make every effort to propose a different kind of education. Nothing makes us better-off than seeing our students graduate and find accomplishment in their chosen field, which is why we work determinedly to help you achieve your goals.  


Medical Assistant in Miami

Medical Assistant College Program


Medical Assistant Associate Degree College Program in Miami FloridaMedical Assistant Associate Degree Program at Florida Medical College in Miami is a complete degree program ideal for those who feel a real passion for helping others in the field of medical services or aesthetic practice. Our student's goals are to become a real professional ready to work not only in the health care services, but also as a competent professional in the Medical Spa, Dermatology Clinic or Aesthetic Practice while handling the latest aesthetic technology.

The Associate Degree Program in the Medical Assitant School in Miami by Florida Medical College is designed to prepare students to work as Medical Assistant’s in places such as Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Medical Group Practices, Home Health Agencies and Medical Offices.

We have a special Program for Medical Assistant students who want to become a Laser Professional and works in the aesthetic field. Our medical assistant students can now graduate as an electrologist and complete all requirements to be a Laser Hair Removal Professional to be able to perform laser with direct supervision of a licensed medical doctor in Florida.

Our Medical Assistant curriculum include: Office skills, EKG technology, Phlebotomy instruction and practice, Theory and clinical lab of basic X-ray, Medical terminology and a complete program in Anatomy, Pharmacology and Clinical Skills to prepare our alumni’s in the medical office to do procedures and work directly with real patient’s and people in need. 

The requirements to obtain an associate degree in Medical Assistant are 91 credit hours, after 1400 clock hours.

At Florida Medical College the Associate Degree Program is starting every month. Lessons are given during morning and afternoon sessions Monday through Thursday. We offer classes Friday on Saturday. Please see the Schedule Classes.

At Florida Medical College, Medical Assistant Degree Program provides you the tools to learn and develop the following skills:

  • Law and Ethics in Medicine
  • Medical Terminology
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Medical Coding
  • Clinical Procedures Theory

If you are looking for a Medical Assistant School in Miami to become a successful medical assistant dermatology we can help you with our special program as Medical Assistant Dermatology. But if you attempt to graduate to work in a medical research field as Medical Assistant we offer a special program to become you as Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC). Our program of Medical Assistant classes in Miami give you the opportunity to obtain an Associate Degree in Science at the same time to acquire another certification such as CRC or Medical Assistant Dermatology


Why do you need a Medical Assistant Associate Degree? To learn the data coding and analyzing skills required, then — with the right credentials —.

The U.S. Department of Labor states that new job openings for Medical Assistants are expected to increase nearly 34% through 2018.



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