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Medical Assistant in Miami

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Medical Assistant School in Miami FloridaMedical Assistant Classes in Miami is a College Program offered by Florida Medical College for those students who would like to work in the medical and/or aesthetic field, or would like to work in a clinical site as Clinical Research Coordinator. We have a special certification program for those Medical Assistant graduated and want to become a Medical Assistant Dermatology or Medical Assistant Esthetician. Classes are offered in the morning, afternoon and evening session. Special program for weekend classes were designed for the worker students. As part of this College Program Phlebotomy course is offering wtih credit hours for those to desire starting in the medical field and for licensed esthetician or cosmetologist which desire to work in a Medical Spa or an aesthetic surgery center with a National Certification.                                                                                                                                

Medical Assistant Schedule for Course in Miami Florida

Our Medical Assistant Students may:

  • Apply for Payment Plan, Scholarship or School Finance
  • Get Associate Degree in 10 months
  • Choice Morning, Evening or Weekend sessions
  • Include some classes in the aesthetic field or research area                                    

Our Medical Assistant graduated may:                        

  • Work as Clinical Research Coordinator                                                         
  • Become a Medical Assistant Dermatology
  • Become Medical Assistant Esthetician
  • Become a Laser Professional
  • Work in Dermatology Clinics and/or Medical Spa
  • Work in Hospital, Medical Clinics, Home Health Sytem, Medical Office and other clinical sites  





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